Benefits of change exercise Routine

You will probably sweat. Have a towel or dry washcloth close by. Sweating means you are working hard, making progress, and naturally flushing out the bad stuff from your body. And just think about how good the post-workout shower will feel!

A little bit of muscle soreness or stiffness is normal. It means you’re challenging your body and reaching new heights in fitness. Learn to listen to your body—know the difference between discomfort and pain—and take a day off to let your body recover, if you need to.

Don’t be surprised if your stomach is growling more often as you become more active. Your body uses food as fuel to stay active and healthy.

Shortness of breath
Physical activity causes your heart rate to go up, so your breathing rate will increase. Try taking long breaths in through your nose and exhaling slowly through your mouth to lower your heart rate and calm your nerves. If you find yourself gasping for breath, then you might need to slow down the pace or intensity of what you are doing.

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