Importance of drinking water to flush microbes in a body

British drinking water 'may be tainted with prescription drugs ...

Importance of Drinking Water
Are you dehydrated? You may be thinking this is just another article to remind you to drink more water but my intention is to explore the quality of the water that you drink, the temperature that you administer it and the opportunities available to improve the alkalinity of your H20. Ask yourself the following questions:

How Much Water Should you drink?
This is different for everyone and dependable on age, weight, activity levels, climate etc. A good guideline for the average person is to try to drink a glass of water at least every 2 hours throughout the day. When you urinate, check the color, it will always start off either orange or yellow but should get clearer throughout the day. If your urine is still orange or yellow by the afternoon then you are probably dehydrated and need to be drinking much more fluids.

What is the pH of your water?
Potential of Hydrogen (pH) level is a simple measure of Hydrogen Ions, the higher the waters pH, the less free hydrogen’s it has and the lower the pH level, the more free hydrogen’s it has. pH 7 is considered neutral, below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline, natural water ranges anywhere from pH6.5 to pH9.0. Water stored in plastic bottles is often below pH 7 meaning our bodies have to work harder to process it and deal with the acidity.

How can I improve my Water?
There are several ways to improve the overall quality of your water:
• Store water in glass or stainless Steel containers
• Add lemon or lime to your water
• Add pH drops to your water
• Add a few drops of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide to your water
• Invest in a water filter to assist in elimination of heavy metals, chemicals, microorganisms, bacteria and chlorine
• Dilute some Magnesium into your water
• Drink your water at room temperature or warmer

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