Omega 3 and how to extract and achieve benefits

omega-3 fatty acids, and are deliciously lemon flavored for a great omega-3 experience with no fishy aftertaste.

Omega-3 Gems are made from the body oils of cold water fish, which are typically rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Carlson uses fish caught off the shores of Norway, and then bottles Omega-3 Gems in Norway so that they stay fresh.

Carlson Omega-3 Gems are tested regularly for purity and freshness. Testing is performed by an independent lab which is registered by the FDA, and Carlson supplements are certified free of harmful levels of mercury, cadmium, lead and PCBs. Carlson pledges that it will continue independent tests according to AOAC international protocols so their customers can be sure that Carlson products are as pure—and fresh—as they can be. In fact, Carlson is one of only two fish oil companies that meet the strict standards of the AOAC.

Carlson fish oils are manufactured carefully to make sure they don’t oxidize during processing. The oils are washed and mixed in controlled temperatures as vacuums remove impurities, and then separated into separate components through a process called molecular distillation.
As Carlson fish oils cool, impurities are filtered even further. Then the oil undergoes testing and is purified again if necessary. A last test is performed on the final product to insure that Carlson Omega-3 Gems are fresh and potent.

When all purifications are complete, natural flavor is added, along with Vitamin E for freshness. Carlson Omega-3 Gems are put in bottles which have been flushed with nitrogen to provide a pure environment, and then sealed on site in Norway with freshness in mind.

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