How to protect the mouth of a cat from microbes

Cat With An Open Mouth. Stock Image - Image: 11716131

Stomatitis is an inflamed, sore mouth, and should be suspected when you see drooling, refusal to eat, difficulty chewing, head shaking, pawing at the face, and reluctance to allow a mouth examination. The inside of the mouth looks reddened, inflamed, swollen, and tender . The gums may bleed when rubbed. Bad breath is present. Lack of self grooming is evident. Cats may show pain when yawning or opening their mouths to eat.

Good oral care is important to ensure a cat’s overall health. Plaque buildup on teeth can lead to conditions such as gingivitis and increase the risk of serious health problems.

Annual veterinary checkups and regular brushing can help reduce plaque. Supplements like CET Chews for Cats provide additional support for good dental health. Virbac CET Chews contain dual enzymes that help prevent plaque buildup. Their texture also helps clean cats’ teeth as they’re chewing.

These chews are flavored with freeze-dried catfish and poultry to make them more palatable for cats. CET cat chews can be used along with brushing as part of a cat’s daily oral hygiene routine.

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